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Plaque Guide 2012 - Index

Plaque Guide 2012 - Index

id: 1
ALEXANDER, Sir George (1858~1918)    Age:60
Inscription: Sir George Alexander 1858-1918 Actor Manager lived here
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id: 2
COWARD, Sir Noël (1899~1973)    Age:74
Inscription: Sir Noël Coward 1899~1973 Actor, Plaqywright and Songwriter born here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=2

id: 3
LANGTRY, Lillie (1852~1929)    Age:77
Inscription: Lillie Langtry 1852-1929 Actress lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=3

id: 4
DOWDING, Hugh (1882~1970)    Age:88
Air Chief Marshall
Inscription: Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding 1882 - 1970 Leader of Fighter Command lived here 1941-1951
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=4

id: 5
CAYLEY, Sir George (1773~1857)    Age:84
Aircraft Designer
Inscription: Sir George Caley, 1773-1857 Scientist and Pioneer of Aviation, lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=5

id: 6
DE HAVILLAND, Sir Geoffrey (1882~1965)    Age:83
Aircraft Designer
Inscription: Sir Geoffrey De Havilland 1882-1965, Aircraft designer, lived here 1909-1910
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=6

id: 7
PAGE, Sir Frederick Handley (1885~1962)    Age:77
Aircraft Designer
Inscription: Sir Frederick Handley Page 1885-1962 Aircraft designer and manufacturer, lived here in Flat 3
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=7

id: 8
SOPWITH, Sir Thomas (1888~1989)    Age:101
Aircraft Designer
Inscription: Sir Thomas Sopwith 1888-1989 Aviator and aircraft manufacturer, lived here 1934-1940
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=8

id: 9
WINANT, John Gilbert (1889~1947)    Age:58
Inscription: John Gilbert Winant 1889-1947 United States Ambassador 1941-1946 lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=9

id: 10
BASEVI, George (1794~1845)    Age:51
Inscription: George Basevi 1794-1845 Architect, lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=10

id: 11
BENTLEY, John Francis (1839~1902)    Age:63
Inscription: John Francis BENTLEY 1839~1902 Architect lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=11

id: 12
BODLEY, George Frederick (1827~1907)    Age:80
Inscription: George Frederick BODLEY 1827-1907 Architect lived here 1862-1873
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=12

id: 13
BUTTERFIELD, William (1814~1900)    Age:86
Inscription: William BUTTERFIELD 1814-1900 Architect lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=13

id: 14
CAMPBELL, Colen (1676~1729)    Age:53
Inscription: Colen CAMPBELL 1676-1729 Architect and Author of Vitruvius Britannicus lived and died here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=14

id: 15
DANCE, George the Younger (1741~1825)    Age:84
Inscription: George Dance The younger 1741-1825, Architect, lived and died here.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=15

id: 16
BEARDSLEY, Aubrey (1872~1898)    Age:26
Inscription: Aubrey BEARDSLEY 1872-1898 Artist lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=16

id: 17
BEERBOHM, Sir Henry Maximilian (1872~1956)    Age:84
Inscription: Sir Max BEERBOHM 1872-1956 Artist and Writer lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=17

id: 18
BURNE-JONES, Sir Edward (1) (1833~1898)    Age:65
Inscription: Sir Edward BURNE-JONES BART.(1833-1898) Artist lived here 1880-1898
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=18

id: 20
COX, David (1783~1859)    Age:76
Inscription: DAVID COX 1783 - 1859 ARTIST lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=20

id: 21
CRUIKSHANK, George (1792~1878)    Age:86
Inscription: George Cruikshank Artist lived here from 1850 to 1878 B: Sept 27th 1792 D: Feb 1st 1878
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=21

id: 22
GAINSBOROUGH, Thomas (1727~1788)    Age:61
Inscription: Thomas Gainsborough 1727-1788, artist, lived here.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=22

id: 23
EDDINGTON, Sir Arthur Stanley (1882~1944)    Age:62
Inscription: Sir Arthur Eddington, OM 1882-1944, mathematician and astrophysicist, lived here.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=23

id: 24
BURKE, Edmund (1729~1797)    Age:68
Inscription: Edmund Burke Author and Statesman, lived here B-1729 D-1797
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=24

id: 25
JEROME, Jerome K. (1859~1927)    Age:68
Inscription: Jerome K. Jerome 1859-1927 Author wrote 'Three Men in a Boat' while living here at Flat 104
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=25

id: 26
JOHNSON, Dr Samuel (1709~1784)    Age:75
Inscription: Dr. Samuel Johnson Author. lived here B. 1709 D. 1784
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=26

id: 27
JOYCE, James (1882~1941)    Age:59
Inscription: James Joyce 1882-1941 Author lived here in 1931
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=27

id: 28
FLEMING, Sir Alexander (1881~1955)    Age:74
Inscription: Sir Alexander Fleming 1881-1955 Discoverer of penicillin lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=28

id: 29
CHAIN, Sir Ernst (1906~1979)    Age:73
Inscription: Sir Ernst CHAIN 1906-1979 Biochemist and Developer of Penicillin lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=29

id: 30
BOSWELL, James (1740~1795)    Age:55
Inscription: James BOSWELL (1740-1795) Biographer Lived and died in a house on this site
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=30

id: 31
BENTHAM, George (1800~1884)    Age:84
Inscription: George BENTHAM 1800-1884 Botanist lived here 1864-1884
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=31

id: 32
BUXTON, Sir Thomas Fowell (1786~1845)    Age:59
Inscription: Sir Thomas Fowell BUXTON 1786-1845 Anti-Slavery Campaigner lived and worked here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=32

id: 33
PANKHURST, Dame Christabel (1880~1958)    Age:78
Inscription: Emmeline Pankhurst 1858-1928 Dame Christabel Pankhurst 1880-1958 Campaigners for Women's Suffrage, lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=33

id: 34
PANKHURST, Emmeline (1858~1928)    Age:70
Inscription: Emmeline Pankhurst 1858-1928 Dame Christabel Pankhurst 1880-1958 Campaigners for Women's Suffrage, lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=34

id: 35
PANKHURST, Sylvia (1882~1960)    Age:78
Inscription: Sylvia Pankhurst 1882-1960 Campaigner for Women's Right's lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=35

id: 36
ASHFIELD, Lord Albert Henry Stanley (1874~1948)    Age:74
Inscription: Albert Henry Stanley Lord Ashfield 1874 - 1948 First Chairman of London Transport lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=36

id: 37
BUTLER, Josephine (1828~1906)    Age:78
Inscription: Josephine BUTLER 1828-1906 Champion of Women's Rights lived here 1890-1893
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=37

id: 38
BAZALGETTE, Sir Joseph William (1819~1891)    Age:72
Civil Engineer
Inscription: Sir Joseph William Bazalgette 1819-1891 Civil Engineer lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=38

id: 39
BRUNEL, Isambard Kingdom (1806~1859)    Age:53
Civil Engineer
Inscription: Sir Marc Isambard Brunel 1769-1849 and Isambard Kingdom Brunel 1806-1859, civil engineers lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=39

id: 40
BRUNEL, Sir Marc Isambard (1769~1849)    Age:80
Civil Engineer
Inscription: Sir Marc Isambard Brunel (1769-1849) and Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806-1859), civil engineers lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=40

id: 41
CHEVALIER, Albert (1861~1923)    Age:62
Inscription: Albert CHEVALIER 1861~1923 Music Hall Comedian was born here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=41

id: 42
COOK, Peter (1937~1995)    Age:58
Inscription: Peter Cook 1937-1995 comedian and 'only twin' co-founded and ran the Establishment Club here 1961-1964
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=42

id: 43
BLIGH, William (1754~1817)    Age:63
Inscription: William Bligh 1754-1817, Commander of the 'Bounty', lived here.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=43

id: 44
ARNE, Thomas Augustine (1710~1778)    Age:68
Inscription: Thomas Arne 1710-1778, Composer, lived here.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=44

id: 45
BARTÓK, Béla (1881~1945)    Age:64
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=45

id: 46
BAX, Sir Arnold (1883~1953)    Age:70
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=46

id: 47
BENEDICT, Sir Julius (1804~1885)    Age:81
Inscription: Sir Julius BENEDICT (1804-1885) Musical Composer Lived and died here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=47

id: 48
BENNETT, Sir William Sterndale (1815~1875)    Age:60
Inscription: Sir William Sterndale BENNETT 1816-1875 Composer lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=48

id: 49
BERLIOZ, Hector (1803~1869)    Age:66
Inscription: Hector Berlioz 1803-1869 Composer, stayed here in 1851
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=49

id: 50
BLISS, Sir Arthur (1891~1975)    Age:84
Inscription: Sir Arthur BLISS 1891-1975 Composer lived here 1929-1939
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=50

id: 51
BRIDGE, Frank (1879~1941)    Age:62
Inscription: Frank Bridge 1879 - 1941 composer and musician lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=51

id: 52
BRITTEN, Benjamin O.M. (1913~1976)    Age:63
Inscription: Benjamin BRITTEN O.M. 1913-1976 Composer lived here 1931-1933
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=52

id: 53
CLEMENTI, Muzio (1752~1832)    Age:80
Inscription: Muzio Clementi 1752-1832 Composer lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=53

id: 54
ELGAR, Sir Edward (1) (1857~1934)    Age:77
Inscription: Sir Edward Elgar 1857-1934, Composer, lived here 1890-1891
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=54

id: 55
HANDEL, George Frederick (1685~1759)    Age:74
Inscription: George Frederick Handel 1685-1759 Composer lived in this house from 1723 and died here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=55

id: 56
MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756~1791)    Age:35
Inscription: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756-1791 composed his first symphony here in 1764
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=56

id: 57
BEECHAM, Sir Thomas (1879~1961)    Age:82
Inscription: Sir Thomas Beecham, C.H. 1879-1961, Conductor and Impresario, lived here.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=57

id: 58
BOULT, Sir Adrian (1889~1983)    Age:94
Inscription: Sir Adrian BOULT C.H. 1889-1983 Conductor lived at flat No.78 1966-1977
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=58

id: 59
COSTA, Sir Michael (1808~1884)    Age:76
Inscription: Sir Michael COSTA 1808-1884 Conductor Orchestra Reformer lived here 1857-1883
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=59

id: 60
CATO STREET CONSPIRACY (1820~1820)    Age:
Inscription: CATO STREET CONSPIRACY discovered here 23 February 1820
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=60

id: 61
BERNAL, John Desmond (1901~1971)    Age:70
Inscription: John Desmond Bernal 1901 - 1971 Crystallographer lived and died here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=61

id: 62
SHERATON, Thomas (1751~1806)    Age:55
Inscription: Thomas Sheraton 1751-1806 furniture designer, lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=62

id: 63
PEPYS, Samuel (1) (1633~1703)    Age:70
Inscription: Samuel Pepys 1633-1703, Diarist and Secretary of the Admiralty, lived here 1679-1688.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=63

id: 64
CECIL, Robert 1st Viscount of Chelwood (1864~1958)    Age:94
Inscription: Viscount CECIL of Chelwood 1864-1958 Creator of the League of Nations lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=64

id: 65
SHERIDAN, Richard Brinsley (1751~1816)    Age:65
Inscription: Richard Brinsley Sheridan Dramatist lived here B:1751 D:1816
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=65

id: 66
WILDE, Oscar (1854~1900)    Age:46
Inscription: Oscar Wilde 1854-1900, wit and dramatist lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=66

id: 67
KEYNES, John Maynard (1883~1946)    Age:63
Inscription: John Maynard Keynes, 1883-1946 Economist lived here 1916-1946
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=67

id: 68
NAPOLEON, Bonaparte III (1) (1808~1873)    Age:65
Inscription: Napoleon III. Lived here, 1848.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=68

id: 69
BLUMLEIN, Alan Dower (1903~1942)    Age:39
Inscription: Alan Dower BLUMLEIN 1903-1942 Electronics Engineer and Inventor lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=69

id: 70
CREED, Frederick George (1871~1957)    Age:86
Inscription: Frederick George CREED 1871~1957 Electrical Engineer Inventor of the Teleprinter lived and died here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=70

id: 71
SHACKLETON, Sir Ernest Henry (1874~1922)    Age:48
Inscription: Sir Ernest Shackleton (1874-1922) Antarctic explorer Lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=71

id: 72
STUART, John McDouall (1815~1866)    Age:51
Inscription: John McDouall Stuart 1815-1866 First Explorer to cross Australia lived and died here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=72

id: 73
SCOTT, Robert Falcon (1868~1912)    Age:44
Inscription: Robert Falcon Scott Antartic Explorer 1868-1912 Lved here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=73

id: 74
ALLENBY, Edmund Henry Hynman Viscount (1861~1936)    Age:75
Field Marshal
Inscription: Field Marshal Viscount ALLENBY 1861-1936 lived here 1928-1936
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=74

id: 75
MONTGOMERY, Bernard Law (1887~1976)    Age:89
Field Marshal
Inscription: Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery of Alamein 1887-1976 was born here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=75

id: 76
BADER, Sir Douglas (1910~1982)    Age:72
Fighter Pilot
Inscription: Sir Douglas Bader 1910-1982, RAF Fighter Pilot, lived here 1955-1982
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=76

id: 77
FREUD, Sigmund (1856~1939)    Age:83
Inscription: Sigmund Freud 1856-1939 Founder of Psychoanalysis lived here 1938-1939
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=77

id: 78
MARX, Karl (1818~1883)    Age:65
Inscription: Karl Marx 1818-83, lived here 1851-1856
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=78

id: 79
CARLILE, Wilson (1847~1942)    Age:95
Inscription: Prebendary Wilson CARLILE 1847-1942 Founder of the Church Army lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=79

id: 80
FARADAY, Michael (1791~1867)    Age:76
Inscription: Michael Faraday Man of Science. Apprentice Here B. 1791 D. 1867
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=80

id: 81
BURGOYNE, General John (1722~1792)    Age:70
Inscription: General John BURGOYNE 1722-1792 lived and died here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=81

id: 82
PAOLI, Pasquale (1725~1807)    Age:82
Inscription: General Pasquale Paoli 1725-1807 Who fought tirelessly for freedom of Corsica lived in a building on this site 'Babbu di a Patria'
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=82

id: 83
HENDRIX, Jimi (1942~1970)    Age:28
Inscription: Jimi Hendrix 1942-1970, Guitarist and Songwriter, lived here 1968-1969.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=83

id: 84
TYBURN TREE (1196~1783)    Age:587
Inscription: The Site Of Tyburn Tree
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=84

id: 85
GROTE, George (1794~1871)    Age:77
Inscription: George Grote 1794-1871, Historian Died Here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=85

id: 86
HALLAM, Henry (1777~1859)    Age:82
Inscription: Henry Hallam 1777-1859 Historian Lived Here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=86

id: 87
BRAIN, Dennis (1921~1957)    Age:36
Inscription: Dennis BRAIN 1921~1957 Horn player lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=87

id: 88
BROWNE, Hablot Knight (1815~1882)    Age:67
Inscription: Hablot Knight BROWNE alias 'PHIZ' 1815-1882 Illustrator of Dickens's novels, lived here 1874-1880
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=88

id: 89
COPEMAN, Sydney Monckton (1862~1947)    Age:85
Inscription: Sydney Monckton COPEMAN 1862~1947 Immunologist and developer of smallpox vaccine lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=89

id: 90
ARKWRIGHT, Sir Richard (1732~1792)    Age:60
Inscription: Sir Richard Arkwright 1732 - 1792 Industrialist and Inventor lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=90

id: 91
BRIDGEMAN, Charles (1690~1738)    Age:48
Landscape Gardener
Inscription: Charles BRIDGEMAN Landscape Gardener lived here 1723-1738
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=91

id: 92
BRUMMELL, Beau (1778~1840)    Age:62
Fashion Designer
Inscription: Beau BRUMMELL 1778-1840 Leader of Fashion lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=92

id: 93
BOLÍVAR, Simón (1783~1830)    Age:47
Inscription: Simón Bolívar 1783-1830 Liberator of Latin America lodged here in 1810
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=93

id: 94
BADEN-POWELL, Robert (1857~1941)    Age:84
Lieutenant General
Inscription: Robert BADEN-POWELL 1857-1941 Chief Scout of the World lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=94

id: 95
CLIVE, Robert 1st Baron Clive of India (1725~1774)    Age:49
Inscription: CLIVE of INDIA 1725-1774 Soldier and Administrator lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=95

id: 96
CUBITT, Thomas (1788~1855)    Age:67
Master Builder
Inscription: Thomas CUBITT 1788-1855 Master Builder lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=96

id: 97
ASTOR, Nancy, Viscountess Astor (1879~1964)    Age:85
Inscription: Nancy Astor 1879-1964 First woman to sit in Parliament, lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=97

id: 98
LAWRENCE, T.E. (1888~1935)    Age:47
Inscription: T.E. Lawrence 'Lawrence of Arabia' 1888-1935 , lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=98

id: 99
WOOD, Sir Henry Joseph (1869~1944)    Age:75
Inscription: Sir Henry Wood 1869 - 1944 Musician, lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=99

id: 100
DARWIN, Charles (1809~1882)    Age:73
Inscription: Charles Darwin 1809-1882 Naturalist lived in a house on this site 1838-1842.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=100

id: 101
BAGNOLD, Enid (1889~1981)    Age:92
Inscription: Enid BAGNOLD 1889 - 1981 Novelist and Playwright lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=101

id: 102
BENNETT, Arnold (1867~1931)    Age:64
Inscription: Arnold BENNETT 1867-1931 Novelist lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=102

id: 103
BURNEY, Frances (1752~1840)    Age:88
Inscription: Madame D'Arblay 'Fanny Burney' Authoress Lived Here Born 1752. Died 1840.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=103

id: 104
CHRISTIE, Dame Agatha (1890~1976)    Age:86
Inscription: Dame Agatha Cristie 1890-1976, Detective novelist and playwright, lived here 1934-1941
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=104

id: 105
COLLINS, William Wilkie (1824~1889)    Age:65
Inscription: William Wilkie COLLINS 1824-1889 NOVELIST lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=105

id: 106
CONRAD, Joseph (1857~1924)    Age:67
Inscription: Joseph CONRAD 1857~1924 Novelist lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=106

id: 107
DICKENS, Charles (1812~1870)    Age:58
Inscription: Charles Dickens 1812-1870 Novelist Lived Here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=107

id: 108
FORSTER, E.M. (1879~1970)    Age:91
Inscription: E.M. Forster 1879-1970 Novelist, lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=108

id: 109
LAWRENCE, D.H. (1885~1930)    Age:45
Inscription: D. H. Lawrence 1885-1930, Novelist and Poet, lived here in 1915
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=109

id: 110
PRIESTLEY, J.B. (1894~1984)    Age:90
Inscription: J.B. Priestley 1894-1984, novelist, playwright and essayist, lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=110

id: 112
THACKERAY, William Makepeace (2) (1811~1863)    Age:52
Inscription: W. M. Thackeray, 1811-1863 Novelist Lived Here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=112

id: 113
THACKERAY, William Makepeace (3) (1811~1863)    Age:52
Inscription: William Makepeace Thackeray (1811-1863) Novelist Lived Here 1854-1862
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=113

id: 114
NIGHTINGALE, Florence (1820~1910)    Age:90
Inscription: in a house on this site Florence Nightingale 1820-1910 lived and died
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=114

id: 115
STILL, Sir George Frederic (1868~1941)    Age:73
Inscription: Sir George Frederic Still 1868-1941, Paediatrician, lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=115

id: 116
ALMA-TADEMA, Sir Lawrence (1836~1912)    Age:76
Inscription: Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, OM 1836-1912, painter, lived here 1886-1912.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=116

id: 117
BEVAN, Robert Polhill (1865~1925)    Age:60
Inscription: Robert Polhill Bevan 1865-1925 Camden Town Group Painter, lived here 1900-1925
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=117

id: 118
BOMBERG, David (1890~1957)    Age:67
Inscription: David Bomberg 1890~1957 Painter lived and worked here 1928~1934
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=118

id: 119
CANAL, Giovanni Antonio (CANALETTO) (1697~1768)    Age:71
Inscription: Antonio CANAL called CANALETTO (1697-1768) Venetian Painter Lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=119

id: 120
CONSTABLE, John (1776~1837)    Age:61
Inscription: John Constable (1776-1837), Painter, Lived here.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=120

id: 121
JOHN, Augustus (1852~1929)    Age:77
Inscription: This house was built for AUGUSTUS JOHN 1878-1961 Painter
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=121

id: 122
Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (1848~1848)    Age:
Inscription: In this house the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was founded in 1848.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=122

id: 123
TURNER, Joseph Mallord William (1775~1851)    Age:76
Inscription: J.M.W. Turner, R.A. 1775-1851 Painter designed and lived in this house
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=123

id: 124
VAN GOGH, Vincent (1853~1890)    Age:37
Inscription: Vincent Van Gogh 1853 - 1890 Painter lived here 1873 - 1874.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=124

id: 125
CHISHOLM, Caroline (1808~1877)    Age:69
Inscription: Caroline Chisholm 1808~1877 Philanthropist 'The Emigrants' Friend' lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=125

id: 126
CONS, Emma (1837~1912)    Age:75
Inscription: Emma CONS 1837~1912 Philanthropist and founder of the Old Vic lived and worked here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=126

id: 127
MONTEFIORE, Sir Moses (1784~1885)    Age:101
Inscription: Sir Moses Montefiore 1784-1885 Philanthropist and Jewish Leader lived here for sixty years
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=127

id: 128
BRIGHT, Richard (1789~1858)    Age:69
Inscription: Richard Bright 1789-1858 Physician, lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=128

id: 129
MAXWELL, James Clerk (1831~1879)    Age:48
Inscription: James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) Physicist Lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=129

id: 130
NEWTON, Sir Isaac (1642~1727)    Age:85
Inscription: Sir Isaac Newton 1642~1727 Lived Here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=130

id: 131
GIBSON, Guy Penrose (1918~1944)    Age:26
Inscription: Guy Gibson V.C. 1918-1944, , Pilot, Leader of the Dambusters Raid, lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=131

id: 132
SELFRIDGE, Harry Gordon (1858~1947)    Age:89
Inscription: Harry Gordon Selfridge 1858-1947, Department store Magnate lived here 1921-1929
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=132

id: 133
BUSS, Frances Mary (1827~1894)    Age:67
Inscription: Frances Mary BUSS 1827-1894 Pioneer of Education for Women was Headmistress here 1879-1894
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=133

id: 134
ROBINSON, James (1813~1862)    Age:49
Inscription: James Robinson 1813-1862, Pioneer of Anaesthesia and Dentistry lived and worked here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=134

id: 135
FAWCETT, Dame Millicent Garrett (1847~1929)    Age:82
Inscription: Dame Millicent Garrett Fawcett 1847-1929, pioneer of Women's Suffrage, lived and died here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=135

id: 136
BAIRD, John Logie (1888~1946)    Age:58
Inscription: In 1926 in this house, John Logie Baird 1888-1946, first demonstrated television
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=136

id: 137
HENRY, Sir Edward Richard (1850~1931)    Age:81
Inscription: Sir Edward Henry 1850-1931, Metropolitan Police Commissioner and Pioneer of Fingerprint Indentification, lived here 1903-1920
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=137

id: 138
MARCONI, Guglielmo (1874~1937)    Age:63
Inscription: Guglielmo Marconi 1874-1937 The Pioneer of wireless communications, lived here in 1896-1897
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=138

id: 139
TURING, Alan (1912~1954)    Age:42
Inscription: Alan Turing 1912-1954 Code-breaker and Pioneer of Computer Science was born here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=139

id: 140
ARNOLD, Sir Edwin (1832~1904)    Age:72
Inscription: Sir Edwin Arnold (1832 - 1904) Poet and Journalist. Lived and Died here.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=140

id: 141
ARNOLD, Matthew (1822~1888)    Age:66
Inscription: Matthew Arnold 1822 - 1888 Poet and Critic lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=141

id: 142
BAILLIE, Joanna (1762~1851)    Age:89
Inscription: Joanna Baillie Poet and Dramatist. Born 1762, Died 1851. Lived in this house for nearly 50 years
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=142

id: 143
BETJEMAN, Sir John (1906~1984)    Age:78
Inscription: Sir John Betjeman 1906-1984, poet, lived here, 1908-1917
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=143

id: 144
BROWNING, Elizabeth Barrett (1) (1806~1861)    Age:55
Inscription: Elizabeth Barrett Browning 1806-1861, poet, lived here.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=144

id: 145
BROWNING, Elizabeth Barrett (2) (1806~1861)    Age:55
Inscription: Elizabeth Barrett Browning, poetess, afterwards wife of Robert Browning lived here 1838-1846
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=145

id: 146
DRYDEN, John (1631~1700)    Age:69
Inscription: John Dryden Poet lived here B. 1631 D.1700
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=146

id: 147
HARDY, Thomas (1840~1928)    Age:88
Inscription: Thomas Hardy 1840-1928, Poet & Novelist lived here 1878-1881
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=147

id: 148
KEATS, John (1795~1821)    Age:26
Inscription: John Keats Poet lived in this house, B: 1795, D: 1821
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=148

id: 149
KIPLING, Rudyard (1) (1865~1936)    Age:71
Inscription: Rudyard Kipling 1865-1936, poet and story writer, lived here 1889-1891.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=149

id: 150
PLATH, Sylvia (1932~1963)    Age:31
Inscription: Sylvia Plath 1932-1963 Poet lived here 1960-1961
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=150

id: 151
SASSOON, Siegfried (1) (1886~1967)    Age:81
Inscription: Siegfried Sassoon 1886-1967 Writer lived here 1925-1932.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=151

id: 152
SASSOON, Siegfried (2) (1886~1967)    Age:81
Inscription: Siegfried Sassoon MC poet, novelist, biographer 1886-1967 lived and worked in a house on this site 1919-1925
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=152

id: 153
SHELLEY, Percy Bysshe (1792~1822)    Age:30
Inscription: Percy Bysshe Shelley 1792-1822 Poet, lived here in 1811
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=153

id: 154
TENNYSON, Alfred Lord (1809~1892)    Age:83
Inscription: Alfred Lord Tennyson 1809-1892 Poet, lived here in 1880 and 1881
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=154

id: 155
THOMAS, Dylan (1914~1953)    Age:39
Inscription: Dylan Thomas 1914-1953 Poet lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=155

id: 156
BONHAM CARTER, Lady Violet (1887~1969)    Age:82
Inscription: Lady Violet BONHAM CARTER Baroness Asquith of Yarnbury 1887~1969 Politician and writer, lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=156

id: 157
ASQUITH, Herbert Henry (1852~1928)    Age:76
Prime Minister
Inscription: Herbert Henry Asquith 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith 1852-1928 Statesman live here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=157

id: 158
ATTLEE, Clement Richard (1) (1883~1967)    Age:84
Prime Minister
Inscription: Clement Richard Attlee 1883-1967, Prime Minister lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=158

id: 159
BEN-GURION, David (1886~1973)    Age:87
Prime Minister
Inscription: David BEN-GURION 1886~1973 First Prime-Minister of Israel lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=159

id: 160
BONAR LAW, Andrew (1858~1923)    Age:65
Prime Minister
Inscription: Andrew BONAR LAW 1858-1923 Prime Minister lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=160

id: 161
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston (1874~1965)    Age:91
Prime Minister
Inscription: Sir Winston Churchill K.G. 1874-1965, Prime Minister, lived and died here.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=161

id: 162
DISRAELI, Benjamin (1) (1804~1881)    Age:77
Prime Minister
Inscription: Benjamin Disraeli Earl of Beaconsfield Born Here 1804
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=162

id: 163
DISRAELI, Benjamin (2) (1804~1881)    Age:77
Prime Minister
Inscription: Benjamin Disraeli Earl of Beaconsfield 1804-1881 Died Here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=163

id: 164
MACDONALD, Ramsay (1866~1937)    Age:71
Prime Minister
Inscription: Ramsay MacDonald 1866-1937 Prime Minister lived here 1916-1925
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=164

id: 165
PEEL, Sir Robert (1750~1830)    Age:80
Prime Minister
Inscription: Sir Robert Peel 1750-1830 Manufacturer and reformer and his son Sir Robert Peel 1788-1850 Prime Minister Founder of the Metropolitan Police, lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=165

id: 166
PETTY, William (1737~1805)    Age:68
Prime Minister
Inscription: William Petty, Earl of Shelburne, 1st Marquess of Lansdown, 1737-1805 Prime Minister, Supporter of American Independence lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=166

id: 167
PITT, William 1st Earl of Chatham (1708~1778)    Age:70
Prime Minister
Inscription: Here lived three Prime Ministers William Pitt Earl of Chatham 1708-1778 Edward Geoffrey Stanley Earl of Derby 1799-1869 William Ewart Gladstone 1809-1898
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=167

id: 168
PITT, William the Younger (1759~1806)    Age:47
Prime Minister
Inscription: William Pitt the Younger 1759-1806, lived here 1803-1804.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=168

id: 169
BROOKE, Sir Charles Vyner (1874~1963)    Age:89
Inscription: Sir Charles Vyner BROOKE 1874-1963 last Rajah of Sarawak lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=169

id: 170
BEAUFORT, Sir Francis (1774~1857)    Age:83
Rear Admiral
Inscription: Sir Francis BEAUFORT 1774-1857 Admiral and Hydrographer lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=170

id: 171
FENWICK, Ethel Gordon (1857~1947)    Age:90
Inscription: Ethel Gordon Fenwick 1857-1947 Nursing Reformer lived here 1887-1924
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=171

id: 172
HILL, Sir Rowland (1795~1879)    Age:84
Inscription: Sir Rowland Hill K.C.B. Originator of the Penny Post. Lived here 1849-1879. Born 1795. Died 1879
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=172

id: 173
Pasha, Mustapha Reşchid (1800~1858)    Age:58
Inscription: Mustapha Pasha Reschid 1800-1858, Turkish statesman and reformer, lived here as an ambassador in 1839.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=173

id: 174
CROOKES, Sir William (1832~1919)    Age:87
Inscription: Sir William Crookes 1832~1919 Scientist lived here from 1880 until his death
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=174

id: 175
FLEMING, Sir Ambrose (1849~1945)    Age:96
Inscription: Sir Ambrose Fleming 1849-1945 Scientist and Electrical Engineer lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=175

id: 176
MOORE, Henry (1898~1986)    Age:88
Inscription: Henry Moore 1898-1986 Sculptor lived and worked here 1929 - 1940
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=176

id: 177
BUTT, Dame Clara (1873~1936)    Age:63
Inscription: Dame Clara Butt 1873-1936 Singer lived here 1901-1929
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=177

id: 178
BESANT, Annie (1847~1933)    Age:86
Inscription: Annie BESANT 1847-1933 Social Reformer lived here in 1874
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=178

id: 179
COWARD, Charles Joseph (1905~1976)    Age:71
Sergeant Major
Inscription: Charles Coward 1905~1976 Rescuer of Prisoners from Auschwitz lived here 1945~1976
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=179

id: 180
AUROBINDO, Sri (1872~1950)    Age:78
Spiritual Leader
Inscription: Sri Aurobindo 1872 - 1950 Indian Spiritual Leader lived here 1884 - 1887
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=180

id: 181
BARING, Evelyn 1st Earl of Cromer (1841~1917)    Age:76
Inscription: EVELYN BARING 1st Earl of Cromer 1841-1917 Colonial administrator lived and died here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=181

id: 182
CANNING, George (1770~1827)    Age:57
Inscription: George CANNING 1770-1827 Statesman lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=182

id: 183
CURZON, George Nathaniel (1859~1925)    Age:66
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=183

id: 184
DILKE, Sir Charles Wentworth (1843~1911)    Age:68
Inscription: Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke 1843-1911 Statesman and Author lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=184

id: 185
ISAACS, Rufus (1860~1935)    Age:75
Inscription: Rufus Isaacs 1st Marquess of Reading 1860-1935, Lawyer and Statesman, lived and died here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=185

id: 186
SMITH, W.H. (1825~1891)    Age:66
Inscription: W.H. Smith 1825-1891 Bookseller and Statesman lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=186

id: 187
VANE, Sir Harry (1612~1662)    Age:50
Inscription: Sir Harry Vane 1612-1662, statesman, lived here. Born 1612, beheaded 1662.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=187

id: 188
TREVES, Sir Frederick, 1st Baronet (1853~1923)    Age:70
Inscription: Sir Frederick Treves 1853-1923 Surgeon lived here 1886-1907
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=188

id: 189
NELSON, Lord Horatio (1) (1758~1805)    Age:47
Vice Admiral
Inscription: Nelson lived here in 1797. Born 1758 Fell at Trafalgar 1805.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=189

id: 190
NELSON, Lord Horatio (2) (1758~1805)    Age:47
Vice Admiral
Inscription: Horatio. Lord Nelson 1758 - 1805 lived here in 1798
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=190

id: 191
BELLOC, Hilaire (1870~1953)    Age:83
Inscription: Hilaire BELLOC 1870-1953 Poet, Essayist and Historian lived here 1900-1905
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=191

id: 192
BENSON, E.F. (1867~1940)    Age:73
Inscription: E.F. BENSON 1867-1940 Writer lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=192

id: 193
BLYTON, Enid (1897~1968)    Age:71
Inscription: Enid BLYTON 1897-1968 Children's Writer lived here 1920-1924.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=193

id: 194
BRAILSFORD, Henry Noel (1873~1958)    Age:85
Inscription: Henry Noel Brailsford 1873-1958, writer, Champion of Equal and Free Humanity, lived here.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=194

id: 195
BRITTAIN, Vera Mary (1) (1893~1970)    Age:77
Inscription: Vera Brittain 1893 - 1970 Winifred Holtby 1898 - 1935 Writers and Reformers lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=195

id: 196
BURNETT, Frances Hodgson (1849~1924)    Age:75
Inscription: Frances Hodgson BURNETT 1849-1924 Writer lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=196

id: 197
CHESTERTON, Gilbert Keith (1874~1936)    Age:62
Inscription: Gilbert Keith Ghesterton 1874 - 1936 Poet Novelist and Critic lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=197

id: 198
CONAN DOYLE, Sir Arthur (1) (1859~1930)    Age:71
Inscription: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1859-1930, creator of Sherlock Holmes, lived here 1891-1894.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=198

id: 199
FLEMING, Ian (1908~1964)    Age:56
Inscription: Ian Fleming 1908-1964 Creator of James Bond lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=199

id: 200
MILNE, A.A. (1882~1956)    Age:74
Inscription: A.A. Milne 1882-1956 Author lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=200

id: 201
MITFORD, Nancy (1904~1973)    Age:69
Inscription: Nancy Mitford 1904-1973 Writer, worked here 1942-1945
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=201

id: 202
ORWELL, George (1903~1950)    Age:47
Inscription: George Orwell 1903-1950 Novelist and Political Essayist lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=202

id: 203
SHAW, George Bernard (1856~1950)    Age:94
Inscription: George Bernard Shaw lived in this house from 1887-1898. 'From the coffers of his genius he enriched the world'
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=203

id: 204
STOKER, Bram (1847~1912)    Age:65
Inscription: Bram Stoker, 1847-1912 Author of 'Dracula', lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=204

id: 205
TWAIN, Mark (1835~1910)    Age:75
Inscription: Samuel L Clemens 'Mark Twain' 1835-1910 American Writer lived here in 1896-7
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=205

id: 206
WAUGH, Evelyn (1903~1966)    Age:63
Inscription: Evelyn Waugh 1903-1966, Writer, lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=206

id: 207
WELLS, H.G. (1866~1946)    Age:80
Inscription: H.G. Wells 1866 - 1946 Writer lived and died here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=207

id: 208
WODEHOUSE, P.G (1881~1975)    Age:94
Inscription: P.G Wodehouse 1881-1975 Writer, lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=208

id: 230
Fox, Charles James (1749~1806)    Age:57
Inscription: Charles James Fox 1749 - 1806 Statesman Lived Here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=230

id: 233
Holtby, Winifred (1898~1935)    Age:37
Inscription: Vera Brittain 1893 - 1970 Winifred Holtby 1898 - 1935 Writers and Reformers lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=233

id: 234
ABRAHAMS, Harold (1899~1978)    Age:79
Olympic athlete
Inscription: Harold Abrahams 1899 - 1978 Olympic Athlete lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=234

id: 236
The Adelphi (1768~1936)    Age:168
Inscription: The Adelphi This building stands on the site of Adelphi Terrace built by the brothers ADAM in 1768-1774. Famous residents in the Terrace include Topham (1739-1780), friend of Dr Johnson and Lady Diana BEAUCLERK (1734-1808), Amateur Artist; David GARRICK (1717-1779), Actor;-Richard D'OYLY CARTE (1844-1901), Savoy Opera Promoter; Thomas HARDY (1840-1928), Poet and Novelist and George Bernard SHAW (1856-1950), Author and Playwright. The London School of Economics and the Savage Club also had their premises here.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=236

id: 237
ALDRIDGE, Ira (1807~1867)    Age:60
Inscription: Shakespearian Actor, 'The African Roscius', lived here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=237

id: 238
AMBROSE, Bert (1896~1971)    Age:75
Band Leader
Inscription: Bert Ambrose c.1896 - 1971 Dance Band Leader, lived and played here, 1927-1940
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=238

id: 239
ARDIZZONE, Edward (1900~1979)    Age:79
Inscription: Edward Ardizzone Artist and Illustrator, lived here 1920-1972
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=239

id: 240
ASTAFIEVA, Princess Seraphine (1876~1934)    Age:58
Ballet dancer
Inscription: Princess Seraphine Astafieva 1876 - 1934 Ballet Dancer, lived and taught here 1916 - 1934
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=240

id: 241
AUBREY HOUSE (~)    Age:
Inscription: Aubrey House stands on the site of Kensington Wells and early 18th century spa Former residents include Sir Edward Lloyd Richard, 1st Earl Grosvenor, Lady Mary Coke, diarist, Peter and Clementia Taylor, philanthropists, William Cleverly Alexander, art lover.
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=241

id: 243
BALFE, Michael William (1808~1870)    Age:62
Inscription: Michael William Balfe (1808 - 1870) Musical Composer Lived Here
PlaqueGuide: http://www.plaqueguide.com/?locationid=243

id: 244